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Ex-School Treasurer Sued Over Missing Funds

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Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office has filed a lawsuit Monday against a former Hanover Community Schools extracurricular treasurer for misappropriating funds from two schools in Cedar Lake.

The lawsuit filed by the state and Hanover Community Schools demands that ex-treasurer Jennifer Grcich of Cedar Lake to repay the more than $22-thousand, and reimburse audit costs, taken from Lincoln Elementary School in 2010 and Hanover Central High School from December 2011 until she was fired last December.

In two separate audits, state Board of Accounts examiners found that Grcich failed to deposit some textbook rental fees and other payments she’d received from parents at both schools.  At Hanover Central , she also received but failed to deposit some payments that families made for gym uniforms, athletic transportation fees, parking permits and payments sponsors made for cheerleading fund-raising.

The amount Grcich collected at Lincoln Elementary was over $10-thousand  and over $12-thousand dollars at Hanover Central.  Including the costs to audit the schools, over $44-thousand is being sought from Grcich.  The Lake County Superior Court  granted a temporary restraining order, at the Attorney General Office’s request, to freeze Grcich’s assets.  A hearing is scheduled on the State’s motion for a preliminary injunction on April 23.


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