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Ex-Cop Faces Sentencing In Latin Kings Probe

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A former Chicago cop who admitted he used his badge to rob for the Latin Kings street gang in Lake County could serve only 12 years in prison if a federal court judge accepts a recommendation by prosecutors.

Antonio Martinez is scheduled to be sentenced one week from today (May 23rd).  Martinez and his partner, Alex Guerrero, were arrested in 20-11 after federal attorneys claimed they used their badges to rob people in Lake County and in Illinois of drugs, guns and money.  They would then turn the stolen goods over to Latin Kings highest regional leader Sisto Bernal, who paid them for their work.

The sentencing memo filed in federal court in Hammond yesterday calls for a sentence that is 7 years shorter than Guerrero’s.  It’s known that other people who’ve been convicted in the Latin Kings gang investigation got shorter-than-usual sentences because they cooperated with the federal government.


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