Ethics Panel Seeks More Pledges From Local Political Candidates

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September 23, 2014 — Over the months leading up to the local primary elections in May, the Shared Ethics Advisory Commission asked each candidate to sign a pledge to personally promise to be ethical, if they’re elected or re-elected to the public office they’re seeking.

Shared Ethics Advisory Commission chairman Cal Bellamy says they sent out another series of pledges to town, township, county and — for the first time — school board candidates.  Bellamy says the commission is asking that they pledge to take three specific actions if elected:

  • to provide some sort of ethics training to the staff they’re responsible for
  • to approve an ethics policy… and
  • to establish an effective whistle-blower policy, to protect those who raise ethics concerns.

Bellamy says they’ll report closer to the November election who has responded to their pledge request.  He also says the panel is working on guidelines for an ethics policy that should be ready by the end of the year.

The Shared Ethics Advisory Commission’s been established to guide local government officials in Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties toward encouraging ethical behavior through education and training.  It’s an effort to correct the climate that’s led to northwest Indiana’s history of local government corruption.

Source: Shared Ethics Advisory Commission


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