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Enbridge Gets Ready To Lay New Pipeline

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Enbridge Pipelines is getting the necessary permits together to begin work this June on a new, thicker petroleum pipeline… across 60 miles in northwest Indiana starting at its terminal in Griffith… that will carry Canadian tar oil sands.  Enbridge Griffith spokeswoman Jennifer Smith told the Lakeshore’s Steve Walsh that they have about 90-percent of the nearly 600 property owners signed onto the new pipeline project.

Smith says the new pipe is much better than the existing line, including the one that ruptured in Michigan and leaked oil into the Kalamazoo River.  Most of the new pipe will be one-half-inch thick, with a special epoxy exterior coating to resist corrosion that led to the Michigan leaks.   Thicker pipe will be installed underneath roads, railroad crossings or waterways.

Crews will first start staking out the route, most of it along the existing pipeline.  Smith says workers, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, will then start clearing land… installing… and testing the new pipe before it’s put into service.


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