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East Chicago Sewers Get A Makeover

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Congressman Pete Visclosky joined East Chicago officials Monday afternoon to help kick off the city’s next infrastructure improvement project.  The Lakeshore’s Sarah Holst tells how a new technology will help stop flooding while saving the city time and money……


Officials in East Chicago are working to upgrade the city’s sewer system,  much of which was constructed in the 1940’s.  To determine where and how to begin… the mayor contacted the Army Corps of Engineers.

Mayor Anthony Copeland – When we ran the camera through the sewer, we saw that from 151st to 147th we had a collapse, and that has been totally replaced. What could be salvaged from 147th to 141st will be relined.

The relining process is quicker… cheaper… and less invasive than a full reconstruction.

Charlie Frangos, Primera Engineers – They put a resin in that coats the sewer, and it hardens and creates a new sewer inside the existing sewer.

Col. Frederic Drummond Jr., Army Corps of Engineers – What this plastic pipe will do is reinforce crumbling parts of the sewer system and reduce backflow and flooding in this area during high water events.

Unlike a full reconstruction… which could take months… the relining is expected to be complete by mid – June.  Mayor Copeland says the city’s infrastructure work is only just beginning.

Copeland – We’re gonna go from the worst streets to the best, and the citizens of East Chicago should see results in the next year or so… as we go from one block to the next, one street to the next.

In East Chicago, Sarah Holst, Lakeshore News.


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