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East Chicago Marina Getting an Overhaul

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Story and Photo By: Sharon Jackson, Lakeshore Public Radio Reporter/”Morning Edition” Local Host

November 29th, 2016

EAST CHICAGO –  The East Chicago Marina is getting an overhaul.  Boating enthusiasts have been upset over the conditions at the East Chicago Marina, but Mayor Anthony Copeland says starting with the upcoming boating season, there will be an improved facility.

The City of East Chicago is working with W.F. Baird & Associates of Madison, Wisconsin to develop a revised dockage layout that will replace about half the docks at the marina, providing approximately 150 slips.

A majority of the funding for the $4.5 million dollar project, came from the Regional Development Authority, the other part from the City of East Chicago’s tax dollars.

Copeland says the project will take place over three phases, starting with the installation of a floatable dock system.  There will also be a Harbor walk placed around the perimeter of the marina.

The installation of a boardwalk will be the final phase. Copeland says recreational activities including kayaking will be added to the marina and once the improvements are all complete, it’ll be a premier destination for the people of Northwest Indiana to bring their families.


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