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Dorsett Says He Has Lingering Effects of Head Impacts

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November 14, 2013 — Former Dallas Cowboys runningback Tony Dorsett says he has evidence of long-term effects from football concussions.

He says he’s living proof.

He talked to Lakeshore News last week just after the National Football League Hall of Fame member received his diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy from a screening process at UCLA.  He says mood swings and memory loss cause him to rethink how he would play football now.

Dorsett says he’s experiencing mood swings and memory loss, among other concussion symptoms.  He says football involves concussions, so players need to be smart about how they play.

The 2012 global Zurich Conference on Concussion in Sports said, “At present there is no perfect diagnostic test or marker that clinicians can rely on for an immediate diagnosis of concussion in the sporting environment.”

That global sports concussion panel also said concussions are evolving injuries with changing symptoms, making them among the most complex injuries in sports to manage.


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