Donnelly Helps Extend Highway, Transportation Funding

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August 1, 2014 — TheStatehouseFile.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Senate agreed on Tuesday to pass an act to help the shortfalls of the Highway Trust Fund that would take effect in early August, but Sen. Joe Donnelly said that a more permanent solution needs to be found.

The Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014 would provide money to the Highway Trust Fund, a federal program that gives money to states for transportation projects. The program is the primary source for funding of the state’s projects and was projected to run out in early August. With the act, funds will be allocated to the program to make sure important projects can be completed.

“Hoosiers rely on highways and roads every day, from going to work to taking their kids to school,” Donnelly said. “By ensuring the Highway Trust Fund has sufficient resources for the next few months, we will help continue projects throughout Indiana and protect Hoosier jobs.”

Without the act and funding, 6,093 active projects could be stopped or delayed while putting 15, 321 Hoosiers out of work.

Donnelly said he is frustrated that Congress is delaying finding a solution, but thinks the bill is a first step to finding a “serious, long-term plan to support American highways, roads and transit systems.”

The act would also continue highway safety programs, public transportation, and hazardous materials transportation projects.


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