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Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

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On today’s show, we chat with standup comic Billy Gardell who plays Mike Biggs on the hit TV show “Mike & Molly” which airs Monday nights at 8 pm on CBS.

Billy – who Jerry hopes he doesn’t call “Mike” by mistake – is currently filming a movie in Florida, and he’ll be calling in on our studio line to talk about that project, his Mike & Molly TV show, and his hilarious stand-up routine which is taking him to the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City on May 17.

We’ll also explore the idea of “pet heaven” and pet owners who believe their dog, cat or fish is going to some kind of pet heaven when they die. Really? REALLY? Hmmmmmm… And if so, what that heaven looks like. Hmmmmmmm squared, Jerry says. However, the majority of our listeners and Jerry’s readers are 100 percent convinced this will happen, including Porter County Auditor Bob Wichlinski, who’s in the studio with us today to explain his beloved beliefs and heavenly hopes.

And Jerry quotes: “Our dog Penny is nestled at God’s feet, our dog Copper is wandering heaven’s gate with a pizza box, and our beloved and departed cats are snuggled on our Lord’s shoulders. Not to mention 3 horses, 11 cats, 2 calves and 1 dog.” Wow.

And It’s time for some spring cleaning, don’t you think?

We’re not talking about our homes after such a long, confining winter, but for our entire region. It’s a pigsty, from Hammond to DeMotte and Michigan City to Dyer. Lakeshore listeners agree, and we’ll share their opinion with you later in the show.

It’s all on this edition of CF!


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