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Detectives Investigate Merrillville Homicide As Family Grieves

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(neighborhood photo courtesy of Life of Crime blog site)

Merrillville police are piecing together information about why four men involved with a gang opened fire at a family’s home,  leaving a 14-year-old boy dead.  In the meantime, a family grieves the loss of their son killed in an act of gun violence.  The Lakeshore’s Renetta Dubose reports…..

Depree Mims: He was the perfect child that anyone could ask for.

Renetta Dubose: Depree Mims Senior and his family are heartbroken after several shots were fired into the family’s home on the 7500 block of Marshall Street in Merrillville.  One of those bullets hit Mims’ son … 14-year-old Depree Mims … last Wednesday night as Depree, his siblings and mother sat down in the living room for family movie night.

Merrillville Police Detective Ray Smith: Mrs. Mims stated she told Depree to get a blanket for his brothers and sisters.  As he got up to get the blanket she noticed a bullet struck Depree in the head.

When Merrillville patrol officers arrived at the home,  Depree was unconscious on the living room floor and bleeding from the head.  He later died at a Chicago hospital. Police found six shell casings in the street in front of the home.  Detective Commander Robert Wiley says the police department’s investigation led to the arrest of four men … 16-year-old Matthew Knight of Merrillville, who has been charged as an adult, 18-year-old Kevin Brown, also of Merrillville, and brothers 21-year-old Joshua Addison and 22-year-old Anthony Addison, both of Gary. Police say Knight was expelled from Merrillville High School and he along with the Addison brothers have been suspects in other Merrillville crimes including robberies and another shooting.  While police are still investigating the incident … they say the shooting was a gang initiation to retaliate against someone inside the Marshall Street home they believe robbed the gang member. The Mims family … who moved to Merrillville from Gary three years ago… tell a different story.

Mims: No reason…no reason at all.

Depree Mims was a student at Clifford Pierce Middle School in Merrillville.  His father says he enjoyed playing basketball and dancing.

Mims: It was his last year at Pierce.  He was going to the high school next year to try out for football and basketball.

Mims says his son was well-mannered and enjoyed attending church with his brothers and sisters.

Mims: It hurts real bad.  I’m trying to be the foundation.

The Lake County prosecutor’s office charged the four men with murder and criminal gang activity.  They are currently in Lake County Jail.

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