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Detached Wire Disconnects Passenger Service

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September 3, 2013 — Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District trains are up and running again after a six-hour delay.

A morning mishap with a south shore train left passengers traveling between South Bend and downtown Chicago either stranded or late.  A disabled train blocked the tracks between south bend and Michigan City when a wire detached from it.

Commuters were bused from South Bend after the disabled train lost power just west of Hudson Lake.  Passengers using the service to get from South Bend to Michigan City had to be bused to Carroll Avenue to continue on to Chicago, including passenger Tom Tischer, “There’s just a wire down through an accident and so the train is late, being an electric train, no problem.”

NICT-D Marketing Director John Parsons says the pantograph connector that gets power to the train was damaged, causing the wire to detach from the train.

NICT-D rider Randell Mashak says he’s not a regular rail commuter, “Usually, I’m not affected by the difficulties because I’m only taking the train probably once every month.”

Parsons says NICT-D has been switching out old wires between Michigan City and South Bend since last year, and it will most likely take a few more years to complete the project.

Though customers we’re dissatisfied with the delay, they we’re satisfied with the customer service.

Rider Megan Sulok was bused from South Bend to Michigan City, “It was a pain because I have a lot of stuff and since I’m traveling with a baby, and it’s nice just to be able to get on the train, leave my stuff and get off in Chicago.  But everyone was really nice and helpful, so it was a pain, but I understand that these things happen.”

Parson says the wiring should not pose any more problems today, but if there are any more problems, NICT-D will service customers accordingly.



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