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Despite Tough Laws Indiana Leads The Nation In Driver Deaths

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June 19, 2014

On this show, we have a couple car stories. Indiana has one of the highest rates of death among teen drivers. We talk to the authors of a new study.

GM is trying to woo car away from the dealership to the internet – sort of. We’ll look at the company’s new on-line program.

With the allegations against one public official not paying their property taxes, Host Steve Walsh looks at the problem of people letting their property go for back taxes with the Lake County Treasurer.

Some of the numbers are in for the state’s voucher program are in. The state is now spending $16 million on the three year old program.

Guests include:

James Bell, head of consumer affairs for GM

John Petalas, Lake County Treasurer

Tosha Salyers is the Director of Communication and Outreach for Hoosiers for Quality Education and the Institute for Quality Education

Odysseas Papadimtriou CEO, WalletHub.com


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