DeMint Brings His Anti-ACA Town Hall To Indiana

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August 27, 2013 — Leaders from the conservative organization Heritage Action for America are urging Hoosiers to call on Congress to defund the Affordable Care Act. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports on a national tour of town hall meetings that stopped in Indianapolis Monday:

Former South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint is the president of the Heritage Foundation, a national conservative group. DeMint’s multi-state tour landed in Indianapolis as he urged around 400 attendees Monday to get involved in the fight to defund the Affordable Care Act. But Indianapolis Democratic Representative Ed DeLaney says getting rid of the federal healthcare law isn’t practical because it’s already going to help so many people, such as those with preexisting conditions:

 “I have a grandson who would never have had health insurance, never. He’s now four – he’s going to have health insurance for the rest of his life; he’s just one example.”

 But DeMint says all of the Affordable Care Act needs to be thrown out:

 “The idea that you have to have government exchanges, push people onto Medicaid plans in order to get folks with high-risk situations insured is just not true.”

 And while DeMint says he’s not calling for a government shutdown in order to kill the federal healthcare law, he’s urging Congress to pass a spending bill that funds the rest of government while defunding the Affordable Care Act. For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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