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Debut Of Obamacare Exchanges Quickly Approaching

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August 19, 2013

Healthcare Exchanges will debut Oct. 1, as part of the Affordable Care Act. Jessica Barba Brown, the National Communications Director for Enroll America goes over the basic details, including in Indiana, where the state government opted not to participate.

ISTEP scores from Spring were delayed over problems with the test on line. Elle Moxley with State Impact Indiana goes over the latest ISTEP scores for schools throughout Indiana, which debuted earlier in the day.

Congress can’t agree on a farm bill, a budget or immigration reform, but lawmakers across the Midwest have crossed party lines to support funding for the Great Lakes. Host Steve Walsh talks to Healing Our Waters.

Indiana has its first underwater nature preserve to protect the wreck of the JD Marshall.

Guests include:

Jessica Barba Brown

Mark Molnar with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Todd Ambs, campaign director for the  Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition



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