Author Churilla Tells of “A Husband’s Journey Through His Wife’s Breast Cancer” on “A Look at the Arts with Tom Lounges”

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This installment of “A Look at the Arts with Tom Lounges” originally aired on March 2, 2014.


“No One Said It Would Be Easy: A Husband’s Journey Through His Wife’s Battle with Breast Cancer”  is the name of the new book by local author Ken Churilla of Highland, Indiana who is the guest on this edition of “A Look at the Arts with Tom Lounges.” 

Churilla candidly talks about the need for his book, which is written from a man’s point-of-view about a subject men like to avoid.  Listen to the conversation and it becomes clear that while there are a lot of books addressing breast cancer from the female perspective, men are generally left to figure out their emotions on their own as they go through the ordeal with their wife or significant other trying to always be strong.  In the end, breast cancer affects everyone in a family and this book helps men with the emotional upheaval they are feeling, but not wanting to burden their wives with as they go through their own emotional journey.

No One Said It Would Be Easy” is available wherever books are sold.  You can also find it on Facebook.  Portions of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.


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