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Deal To Bring Foreign Students To Valpo Is Over

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February 11, 2014

Valparaiso Community schools have dropped a plan to bring in 30 Chinese students, after protest from some in the community and some students. Host Steve Walsh talks to the superintendent.

As we continue our look at abandoned buildings, we’ll find out what’s happening in the Aetna Neighborhood of Gary with the Colorado company that has purchased dozens of homes at Lake County’s tax sale.

We’ll also look at the high number of suicides among members of the National Guard.

We also find out which education bills are still alive in the Indiana General Assembly.

Guests include:

B. Scott Smith, Lien Logic

Michael Berta, superintendent of Valparaiso Schools

Dr. Barbara van Dahlen, a psychologist and founder of Give an Hour.

Scott Elliot, bureau chief with Chalkbeat Indiana



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