DCS Improving Services Across Indiana

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August 1, 2013 — The

The Indiana Department of Child Services tells lawmakers it has plans to improve its services for thousands of families across the state. Olivia Covington of has the story.

Program director Mary Beth Bonaventura told the Child Services Oversight Committee that the department will focus on creating new systems for child support, dealing with children’s trauma and employee recruitment and retention. Bonaventura and other department leaders say losing employees has been a big problem because of the intense nature of their work.

 That’s why department Chief of Staff Doris Tolliver says the department is looking for employees who know what they’re getting into.

 Who recognize and have a true appreciation for the fact that this is a special calling and we want to ensure we recruit and retain individuals who are going into this job eyes wide open and have the commitment necessary to do it for the long haul.

 Lisa Rich, who is the department’s deputy director of services and outcomes, also unveiled a new initiative to help families with children that have mental illnesses. Rich says the children’s mental health initiative assesses families to determine what their needs are and directs them to the appropriate resources or services.

 So the children’s mental health initiative came out of the fact that we knew we had families around Indiana who have children who are struggling with significant mental health issues and those families wanted access to services but were simply not able to access those services because they didn’t have a way to pay for them.

 For, I’m Olivia Covington.








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