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DAR WILLIAMS Talks of Alcatrazz, Education, and the Art of Songcrafting

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This edition of “MIDWEST BEAT with TOM LOUNGES” originally aired on 89.1FM- THE LAKESHORE on Tuesday, September16th.

On this program, show host TOM LOUNGES welcomed to the Lakeshore airwaves as musical guest American singer-songwriter DAR WILLIAMS whose beautiful way of weaving words into stories of many shades, tones and hues prompted “The New Yorker” to cite Williams as “one of America’s very best singer-songwriters.”  

Williams has performed at folk festivals worldwide and shared stages with the likes of Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Patty Griffin, Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, Baez and many others over the years.  Williams is also the author of a young adult series of books published by Simon & Schuster. 

A recording artist with the Razor & Tie label, Williams has released a dozen full length albums, several EPs and a handful of live concert recordings during her 20 year career.  Several selections from her latest album, “IN THE TIME OF GODS,” is featured on this program as Lounges chats with Williams about her songwriting process, her concert at Alcatrazz Prison with Joan Baez, music and arts programs in public schools, and Williams’ live performance on Saturday, September 21 at Valparaiso, Indiana’s historic Memorial Opera House.   Listeners to the original broadcast had opportunities to call in to win tickets to Williams’ performance.


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