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Court Ruling Keeps Ex-Offender Off The List

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August 27, 2013 — The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that a Lake County man who served his sentence and finished 10 years on the state’s sexual offender list no longer has to register.  That, despite prosecutors’ efforts to keep him on the list based on a change in the law since he was sentenced.

Ronald Becker left prison in 2000 and started registering as a sex offender every year, based on the law back then.  Stiffer registration rules went into effect few months later which would’ve made him register every 90 days for life.  A local judge ruled in 2008 in favor of the former inmate, and neither local prosecutors nor the state Attorney General appealed that decision.  In fact, both sides came to an agreement in 2011 that ended his registration.   A later court decision led the Attorney General’s staff to seek the every-90-days-for-life ruling.

The Indiana Court of Appeals affirmed the later decision to order Becker to report as a sex offender… but the Indiana Supreme Court unanimously overturned both the appellate court and local court decisions.   The decision was released from the Court’s office on Monday.


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