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County Contracts With E-911 Director

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August 7. 2013 — Construction on a new consolidated E-911 communications center for Lake County will move forward with a newly hired director.

Today Lake County Commissioners officially brought on the new director.
Commissioner Michael Repay says the body met this morning to ratify the previously signed contract.

Commissioners approved the hire of Brian Hitchcock. The E-911 communications board recommended Hitchcock in late May. Prior to coming to Lake County he worked as executive director of the Scott Emergency Communications Center in Davenport, Iowa and oversaw the consolidation of a dispatching center in that area. Commissioner Repay says the Lake County dispatch center is on track for the most part.

Michael Repay says, “There’s some mechanics, if you will, in terms of how everything gets transferred over and who ends up paying. Details that need to be fleshed out. I don’t see Brian Hitchcock’s role as being one to deal with that.”

Repay says Hitchcock’s presence should promote a professional experience as the process moves forward. In addition to approving the contract for Hitchcock, commissioners also approved the contract for Nicole Bennett, who serves as the legal adviser for the Commission.

Repay says Hitchcock is educated and familiar with the process of consolidating call centers. The three-year contract includes an annual salary of $112,000.

The effort to build a consolidation emergency 911 call center has a broad cost estimate, of $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 for construction only, besides equipment costs. Those figure concern the 17 communities involved in the project, who are concerned also about the level of service from new center, which has a December 31, 2014 operational deadline.


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