Costas Speaks Out on Pre-K Legislation

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February 28th – Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas has issued a statement urging state legislators to pass House Bill 1004 and create a Pre-K Pilot Program. Costas, who is a member of Indiana’s Higher Education Commission, says that “students need to be better prepared for the rigors of post secondary eduction.”

Speaker of the House Brian Bosma authored HB 1004, which would have established a five-county Pre-K pilot program. The bill was approved by the full House of Representatives and sent over to the Senate. However, according to Indiana Public Broadcasting reporter Brandon Smith, the Senate Education Committee gutted the bill, replacing the pilot program with a study committee that will examine specific issues with pre-kindergarten education funding.

Costas says he has spoken with veteran K-12 educators and administrators who all agree that an effective and sustainable Pre-K program for low income and low performing students was one of the most pressing needs facing education in the state. Costas says he believes Bosma’s plan is a sensible way to approach the issue.


By: Sarah Holst


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