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Cold Beer Sales Is Subject Of Lawsuit

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The head of the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers says the lawsuit against the state of Indiana looking to allow gas stations and convenience stores to sell cold beer would be devastating.  Network Indiana’s Alex Brown reports….


Jon Livengood says he‘s not surprised by the lawsuit since gas stations and convenience stores have been unsuccessful in lobbying the Indiana General Assembly to lift the ban on selling cold beer. Livengood says says the current law is consistent with public opinion. Livengood says they recently came out with a poll saying only 36 percent of registered voters feel that grocery stores and super stores should be allowed to sell cold beer. The poll said only 30 percent felt gas stations should be allowed to do it. He says the majority of the public feels cold beer should be sold in an age-restricted environment. He says clerks at gas stations and convenience stores are not subject to the state‘s mandatory training law like clerks at liquor stores. Livengood says, based on what has happened on other states, many liquor stores could go out of business if the lawsuit is successful.


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