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Coats Wants Sanctions Against Russian Weapons Exporter

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March 24, 2014 – Indiana Senator Dan Coats has introduced an amendment to the Ukrainian aid bill that would sanction Russia’s Rosoboronexport, the sole state agency for export of Russian weapons systems and defense-related goods. According to a press release from Coats, Rosoboronexport is exclusively entitled to export the entire range of Russian armaments officially available for export, and it has supplied arms to the Assad regime in Syria, enabling mass atrocities.

Coats says the amanedment would prohibit any current or future business with Rosoboronexport by the United States, or any private contractor which does business with the United States.

“Taking steps to meaningfully obstruct Rosoboronexport’s work and the revenue it provides the Russian state is among the most effective ways we can condemn Putin’s recent aggression,” Coats said. “This specific economic sanction will harm Russian interests in a serious way without damaging America’s economy. This is one of many steps we must take to show that Russia’s invasion of the Crimea region is unacceptable.”


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