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Coats: Health Care Needs New Plan, Split from Budget

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September 16, 2013 — The federal government has less than two weeks before the government’s budget year ends at the end of September.

Indiana Senator Dan Coats knows that Obamacare is getting tied to the spending bill.  Though he thinks they should be separated he told Lakeshore’s Jerry Howard that President Barack Obama needs to reconsider his healthcare policy.  Click to watch.

“QUESTION:  How do balance being against Obamacare and being for healthcare?

COATS:  We need alternatives to Obamacare.  Health care costs are high and taking too much of the budget.  Congress has several proposals.  We need to keep health care, but do it differently, with Republican support.  The President’s approach is just not working.

Question:  What do you tell the President?

COATS:  Health care and the budget are connected, and Obama Administration policies are not working, and with Republicans they need to, “sit down together and try to find something that does work.”


While he wants changes to the Affordable Care Act, Senator Coats says he does not think health care policy should be tied to a federal budget deadline of September 30th.



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