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Coats Debating Reid about Extended Unemployment Benefits

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January 9, 2014 by Jerry Howard

Indiana’s U-S Senator Dan Coats is challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about funding for extended unemployment benefits.  Coats says Reid is acting as a one-man policy maker when he refuses to allow the senate to hear policy amendments.

Coats debated with Reid in the senate today, saying he’d supplied four funding plans for unemployment benefits that Reid is disregarding.

Coats is one of four Republican senators who joined democrats to pass the extended benefits plan, though they want to keep it from adding $6.5-billion to the federal deficit.  Reid says he prefers Republican Representative Paul Ryan’s plan for funding the benefits.

The Senate is working on a three-month extension of unemployment benefits that expired after Christmas, ending roughly $256 per week for more than one million recipients.

Senator Coats spoke with Lakeshore’s Steve Walsh on his Regionally Speaking radio program today:


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