Coats Considering President, Hoosiers

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September 2, 2013 — Indiana’s senior United States senator is giving a mixed review to the President’s approach to Syria’s civil war.

Senator Can Coats gave that review in a weekend statement about President Barack Obama’s request for Congressional authorization to use military force in Syria.

The Indiana Republican says he appreciates the Presidential request, yet thinks the Obama Administration plan for action has lapses.

Coats said, “The president’s decision to set a ‘red line’ with Syria while failing to have a long-term strategy in place unfortunately has left the U.S. without any good options.  I am pleased, however, that President Obama is seeking authorization from Congress for potential military action in Syria so the American people can have a voice in this debate.  I will be traveling across Indiana next week to hear from Hoosiers so I can take their views back to Washington.  I will continue to urge the administration to work with our friends and allies on a comprehensive strategy to address the broader challenges throughout the region.”

The Obama Administration is considering U.S. military response options in Syria where it believes that nation’s dictatorship used chemical weapons to kill more than 1400 residents as a governmental effort to control and suppress its public opposition.


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