Coats Attacks President and Health Care Plan

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November 14, 2013 — Indiana’s senior United States senator is using the relatively low Affordable Care Act enrollment rate to attack the national healthcare plan.

Republican Senator Dan Coats criticized President Barack Obama using a Senate speech, on a day when the President amended terms of the Act’s “Obamacare” in a national apology.

Obama reversed course today, saying Americans who have had their health insurance canceled should be allowed to renew those individual coverage plans even if they do not meet the minimum standards of the new health care law. Both industry spokesmen and state insurance commissioners are warning that the change could disrupt the marketplace and result in higher prices.

Coats noted that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says 701 Hoosiers have registered for health insurance plans using, the website portal for Obamacare enrollment.

Coats says, “The President has publicly promised all Americans: If you like your plan you can keep it.  If you like your doctor you can keep that doctor. The only change he said you’ll see are falling costs.”

He used the Senate floor to detail two Hoosiers’ experiences with implementation of the Act, “Well, Donna, a senior citizen from New Albany, thought she was not supposed to be affected by Obamacare.  She received a letter telling her that she and her husband no longer could keep their Medicare Advantage plan – it was terminated.  And so they found another plan but with a much higher cost, much higher premium, much higher deductible.

“Cynthia from Lafayette, Indiana, said, ‘I am self-employed and purchase health care privately. I am a single parent with a mortgage payment and a child in high school. My plan was canceled, and I was given an estimate for a replacement plan almost double what I am paying today.’”

President Obama on Thursday took blame for his problematic health care rollout in unusually blunt terms — a step many of his critics contend was long overdue.

He said he “fumbled” the health care enrollment and that the troubles were “on him.”  In an even rarer admission, he also acknowledged that the cascade of troubles was damaging his credibility with the American people and threatening to take a toll on his broader second-term agenda.

The President’s reflective acceptance of responsibility for failures with his signature law marked the latest chapter in the White House’s evolving posture on the “Obamacare” woes.

While he’s trying to keep Congress from intervening with Obamacare implementation, Coats wants to stop it, at least in its current form.

Coats says President Barack Obama is not keeping promises about the plan, as he continues to work to stall the plan that he wants to prevent from implementation unless it has more Republican party influence.

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