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Coach K done talking about Durant

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NEW YORK (AP) — While Kevin Durant takes a step back, the U.S. national team is moving forward. The reigning MVP and leading scorer stunned the Americans when he decided to withdraw after practicing with the team during its first week of training camp. Now that they’ve had time to get over the surprise, they aren’t dwelling on it.

U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski says “I’m through talking about Kevin,” as the Americans practiced for the upcoming Basketball World Cup.

“We’re done with that. We’re on to this group. What a coach does, a coach coaches who he has, not who he doesn’t have,” Coach K said, before adding: “You’re married, you’re with that woman, you’re not thinking about who you dated.”

Durant pulled out Aug. 7, shortly after the Americans finished working out in Las Vegas, where a year earlier he announced his plans to play for the team this summer.


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