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Charlie’s Guest is Dy-no-mite!

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September 27, 2013 —

Charlie Blum has a huge lineup to keep you busy throughout the weekend and a special treat that is dyn-o-mite in this entertainment report.  Click to watch.

By Charlie Blum:

Good evening everyone! It’s the last weekend of September.

Why not say goodbye to September by saying “hello” to “Lionel Richie” over at the United Center?  The Grammy award winning artist will bring his hits to you “All Night Long” this Sunday.  The show kicks off at 7:30pm at the United Center.

But you don’t need to wait until Sunday to celebrate the end of the month.  You can kick off the weekend with an evening of hits and laughs over at the Star Plaza Theatre?  The evening promises to be “good times” for classic music and comedy lovers with a ‘dyn-0-mite’ lineup.  Hang on.

I didn’t say that right did I?  Dyn-o-mite…dyn-o-mite? (Jimmie) no, hang on.  You got it all wrong.  It’s “dyn-o-mite! (Charlie) ladies and gentlemen, my friend Mr. Jimmie ‘J.J.’ Walker!  This is perfect.  You’ll be providing the laughs tonight.  Why don’t you tell us who will be providing the hits. (Jimmie) well, you’ve got the one and only Mitch Ryder and those icons of the 60’s ‘Paul Revere and the Raiders’.

(Charlie) so lots going on at the Star Plaza Tonight and we both hope to see all of you there.  Now JJ, usually at this time I talk about a movie that’s opening this weekend. (Jimmie) sure, sure.  I’ve got this.

This weekend’s movie is “Rush” directed by another classic television star, Ron Howard.  (Charlie) what’s the movie about? (Jimmie) you like racing? (Charlie) you mean horses? Track and field? (Jimmie) no, man. Like cars.  Formula one. “Rush” is about this big rivalry between two of the baddest formula one racers back in the the 70’s.  (Charlie) so, what are the critics saying about “Rush”? (Jimmie) about 80% of the critics give this movie a “thumbs up” in other words, “Rush” is… (Charlie) let me guess (Jimmie and Charlie) dyn-o-mite! (Jimmie) hey, not bad. (Charlie) well, I learned from the master.

For Lakeshore News Tonight, i’m Charlie Blum (Jimmie) and I’m Jimmie J.J. Walker.  Have a great weekend!


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