Midwest Beat with Tom Lounges

CHARLIE DANIELS: A Look at this Long-Haired Country Boy’s Career

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This edition of “MIDWEST BEAT with TOM LOUNGES originally aired on Tuesday, Sept. 30 @ 6pm CST


Tonight’s “Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges” marks the fourth appearance in the last year to the program by Southern music icon CHARLIE DANIELS, who brings the CDB boys to the region for a performance on Friday, October 3 at Joe’s Bar in Chicago.

Charlie Daniels has been “fiddling around” long enough to become a true musical legend with an amazing career that spans six decades and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Tonight’s show less focused on a specific topic as were Daniels’ last visits and is instead a career retrospective on the man’s journey from session player to superstar!

Along with some tasty Daniels tunes and the colorful stories Charlie is bound to share is the tale of getting his first break when Elvis Presley recorded one of his original songs, how he came to play on three Bob Dylan albums, why America’s warriors matter so much to him, and how the legendary “Volunteer Jams” (which Daniels is resurrecting in 2015) first got their start.




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