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Center Twp. Man Accused Of Fighting With Police

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(photo courtesy Porter County Jail)


A 40-year-old Porter County man is accusing of beating a 6-year-old boy and a Porter County police officer.

Another man told police he confronted Mathew Dominion Saturday night after he saw Dominion handling a child roughly around a bonfire.  According to a police report, Dominion lifted the boy by his pants, held him around the neck and acted as if he was going to toss him into the fire.  When the other man objected, Dominion is accused of shoving the boy to the ground and punching the man in the face.

Police had to forcibly arrest Dominion, and he allegedly swore at officers and when they got him into a squad car, Dominion reportedly kicked an officer twice in the back of his head.   An officer shocked Dominion with a Taser, transferred him to a jail van and took him to the hospital where Dominion continued to resist and swear at everyone present.


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