Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

Casual Fridays – September 26th, 2014

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This week on Casual Fridays, Jerry talks with Saturday Night Live alum David Spade about his upcoming standup show at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond.  Known for his acerbic on-camera wit and his snarky attitude on the silver screen, David Spade recently donated $100,000 during the ALS ice bucket challenge. Jerry chats with Spade about everything you ever wanted to know about him, but were afraid to ask.

Our casual duo also talks with Heather Henderlong, owner of Extra Mile Fitness in Valparaiso, who has an important and potentially life-saving reminder for region motorists as our daylight hours grow shorter and shorter.

And we’ll explore a few issues in the news this week, including: NWI mothers and their pot-smoking kids, a refreshing NFL ON-FIELD update, and a rare peek inside a local steel mill that Karen and I recently took.

Plus, we play this week’s Mondagreen: Elton John’s “The Club at the End of the Street”

And Jerry gets a few dozen voice mails each week from Lakeshore listeners, Post-Tribune readers, and social media followers. You can hear a choice (and edited) sampling of voice mails on today’s show during the “Are you calling ME?” segment. Maybe you’ll hear YOUR call.

All that and more on today’s jam-packed show.


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