Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

Casual Fridays – November 7th, 2014

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83-year-old Gloria Bolduc and her husband, 84-year-old Bob Murphy, first met on an online dating site and then a biker bar, where they hit it off immediately. He was previously married for 46 years. She was hitched for nearly 50. These days, they go by the stage name of “Murphy & Murphy” for their Vaudeville-like husband-and-wife comedy duo. The couple plays a circuit of venues to entertain audiences at nursing homes, retirement villages and assisted living facilities. The hilarious couple is our special in-studio guests today, and they will share their story of love, lust, and laughter with us.

Later in the show, we’ll play a sampling of YOUR voice mail calls to Jerry in a segment we call, “Are you calling ME?” Maybe you’ll hear YOUR call to him. And we’ll discuss the hard-hitting headlines of today’s top stories (casually, of course).


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