Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

Casual Fridays – November 28th, 2014

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Black Friday is the annual convergence of several things that Jerry absolutely hates doing. Waiting in lines in the frigid cold with crowds of overly hostile or oddly cheerful people to shop for things he really doesn’t need. To Jerry, it’s the 10th circle of hell from Dante’s Inferno. Still, Black Friday means different things to everyone. The only thing we love more than our “stuff” is buying more stuff.

On today’s show, we’ll chat with a genuine MAD MEN about advertising tactics to get YOU to shell out all your dough on Black Friday. Are we being turned into consumer zombies? Possibly, and we’ll tell you how.

We’ll also chat with Rich Petrie, a long-time server in the region who’s now at Sage restaurant in Chesterton, and he will tell us what it’s like to wait on hurried, harried and hungry patrons on Black Friday.

And were you one of the many Lakeshore listeners who made a Chesterton woman very happy on Thanksgiving, her 99th birthday? Ruth Antrim was born on Nov. 27, 1915, the same year that the film “Birth of a Nation” premiered, Einstein’s theory of relativity was formulated, and Woodrow Wilson occupied the White House. Since then, several of her birthdays have fallen on Thanksgiving Day, a double blessing just like this year’s. But this is the first year she has received birthday greetings from dozens and dozens of strangers who have never met her and who never will, thanks to some Lakeshore listeners. We’ll tell you how this jam-packed episode of Casual Fridays.


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