Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

Casual Fridays – January 2nd, 2015

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On today’s show, Jerry (and fill-in co-host, Eric Reithel) explore the city of Gary: its heyday, its fall and its still-visible architectural footprint. In the studio is special guest Christopher Meyers, the city’s former Director of Planning & Development.

Jerry recently posted on social media about all the Abandoned homes, abandoned dreams in Gary, and the responses were passionate and prolific.

Also, we’ll introduce Lakeshore listeners to Rufus Cross, a 30-year-old man who uses a SpongeBob SquarePants persona to cater to his Pizza Hut customers in Griffith. Why? He has an interesting background story that explains the situation behind his SpongeBob public image, and his less-than-comical personal life.

Also, New Year’s Resolutions (what is a “resolution” anyways?) – we’ve all got them. Sure, it’s only Day Two of the New Year, but Jerry and Eric check-in with how their resolutions are going so far…


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