Casual Fridays with Jerry Davich

Casual Fridays – December 12th, 2014

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Several years ago, Juanita Sandoval of Merrillville lost her wallet while shopping at a dollar store in town. She searched for it high and low but it never turned up and no one ever turned it in. Until Jerry got a call last week from a Lake Station man who found a wallet a couple years ago at that same store.  He asked Jerry to find its owner. “Why?” Jerry asked. “I don’t trust cops,” he replied. “Plus, I just want to do the right thing here.” So Jerry met with the man, who gave him the wallet – filled with a driver’s license, one key, two cards, and $221 in cash. A couple hours later, Jerry found its owner…. with help from a social media reader.

The next day, Jerry met the wallet’s owner, Juanita Sandoval, who works at WalMart in Merrillville. She didn’t know what to say when handed the long-lost wallet. She just kept looking around. And she’s in our studio with us today and she will share her feelings with Lakeshore listeners, and with that Lake Station man, too, who’s tuning in AND who may be calling in, too. We’ll see…

Also, we’ll explore the issue of Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose sporting a practice shirt stating “I CAN’T BREATHE” in reference to the latest racial and class-warfare tension in our country. Should Rose have made such a political statement? Should we care? Should his superstar status matter? We’ll chat with Kaveetha Davidson, who writes about sports for Bloomberg View and wrote about this topic.

And Karen reads a sneak peek of the preface to Jerry’s upcoming book, “Lost Gary: Rusted Landmarks from the Steel City.”

If you saw a disheveled and (allegedly) homeless veteran holding a sign, asking for money at the intersection of US 30 and Mississippi St. in Merrillville, would you give him any cash or coins? Or would you doubt his claim and look away? We’ll explore this issue during the holidays.


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