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Canopy Collapse Affects Highland Businesses

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January 10, 2014 by Denise Turner

Severe weather continues to cause problems in the region as piles of snow turn to pools of icy flood water.

This week’s snow fall is still affecting the region’s residents, including a Highland Thrift Store whose canopy collapsed today.

The collaspe forced businesses on the north side of the block to close front entrances until police and fire personel can determine if the entrances are safe.

Highland police say they shutdown one lane of traffic  on the 2800 block of Highway Avenue before 12 p.m. as they inspected the building which houses the “Bibles for Missions Thrift Center”.

The metal canopy over the store’s entrance collapsed, likely due to heavy snow acculation, causing damage to the brick facade and leaving debris on the sidewalk.

Police say building inspectors will evaluate the structure before allowing businesses to use the front entrances.  Highland officials say no one was hurt in the collapse.


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