Candy Not Cause of Illness, Recall Cancelled

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March 7, 2014 – Fans of a popular chewy candy can rest a little easier now that the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Laboratory has determined that the sweets were not to blame for two people’s sudden illness this week in south east Indiana.

On Wednesday, March 5 the ISDH released a statement which read in part “Health officials have learned that packages of Original Skittles sold at a Richmond, Ind., Marathon Food Mart contained unconfirmed chemical substances, according to preliminary tests. The contamination was discovered following the sudden illness of two individuals who ate from a package of Original Skittles on the afternoon of March 4th.” The release went on to say that the individuals experienced burning throats, cramping and diarrhea.

State health officials along with Indiana State Police and the Food and Drug Administration launched an immediate investigation which included removing certain shipments of the candy from local stores and sending out samples for testing.

Thursday afternoon the ISDH sent out a second press release stating that the samples were found to contain “no unusual chemical substances.” ISDH says equipment used in the field is different than that used in the lab, and different results are not uncommon, which is why advanced lab testing is necessary. Health officials say the warning was sent out as a precaution.

ISDH’s statement concludes by saying “The packages of Original Skittles have been determined not to contain toxins and are safe to eat. The Indiana State Department of Health continues to investigate the cause of illness.”

By Sarah Holst


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