Local Educator Carolie Warren of “But, Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To?” on “A Look at the Arts with Tom Lounges”

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This installment of  “A Look at the Arts with Tom Lounges” originally aired on March 24, 2014


Taking care of elderly parents can be a challenging privilege.  Northwest Indiana Educator and Author Carolie Warren knows this and on this edition of “A Looke at the Arts with Tom Lounges” shares her personal journey with Alzheimer’s Disease in this inspiring and beautifully illustrated children’s story  that addresses how caretakers of the elderly can respond to questions of little children also living through the experience but not understanding the sometimes strange behavior they see.

In this endearing story, Warren as “Mama” answers the title’s question for a toddler named Bronson who comes to realize that Grandpa is allowed to break many of the rules that he is expected to follow.

This book will encourage families in similar situations to hang in there and to make the most of these treasured moments with their loved one.  If you have little children with someone in their life suffering from any form of dementia, this book is a valuable tool that helps break the ice and offers a way to present the situation in a way that honors and is respectful of the elderly person involved.

“But, Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To” is available here.


Learn more about the book, and Carolie by tuning into her conversation with Tom Lounges.


Also learn more at:  www.nwitimes.com/niche/yourfamily/entertainment/books/but-mama-how-come-grandpa-get-to-by-carolie-warren/image_b9cb0cc5-5786-59c3-9c3b-a5102ee0feb7.html



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