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Buncich Takes over at Democratic Party

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June 30, 2014

We talk to the newly elected head of the Democratic Party in Lake County. We’ll ask Sheriff John Buncich if the parties still relevant.

Michigan is rethinking which fish are good to eat and how often you can eat them. And maybe manufacturing is back — we have a new multi-million project coming to Portage, coming from a company that has been investing heavily in Northwest Indiana.

Also, We have seen the grocery business change rapidly. Will there be a sunset for the supermarket? We’ll talk the outgoing head of Strak and Vantil.

Guests include:

John Buncich, Lake County Sheriff

David Wilkinson, president and CEO of Strak and Vantil

Kory Groetsch, Michigan State toxicologist

P. Scott Bening,CEO Monosol


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