Breast Cancer Awareness Gets Call To Action

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August 8, 2013 — The American Cancer Society says half of the women diagnosed with breast cancer turn to the society for help.

That sort of demand brought a call-to-action by the organization today. It gathered people to rally locally against breast cancer, citing progress it has supported with new anti-cancer treatments.

US Steel Gary Works makes breast cancer its top community priority, showing extra effort to support cancer patients and survivors who themselves are as “tough as steel.”

Al Spajer is US Steel Gary Works Community Affairs Director, “It’s really, it’s heartwarming, and it’s fun to see our people. I mean literally we barbecue, we do sporting events, we do gate collections—rain or shine—we’re out there chasing this topic.”

Dr. Sasmita Misra is a radiologist in the Region, “It’s incredible the amount of things you can see now with the new mammography unit, and how early we can detect breast cancers. I’m talking about the size of millimeters, and it’s been actually very, it’s lifesaving.”

Dr. Misra says the Region has a higher rate of breast cancer than normal.

The American Cancer Society has a 5K run October 13th to promote breast cancer awareness.

US Steel’s Spajer says Gary Works raised more than $60,000 for the Society just in the past year.


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