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Bomb Threat “Joke” Gets Serious Criminal Charges

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July 4, 2013 — Jasper County Sheriff Terry Risner says his staff has arrested a Monticello, Indiana man for a bomb threat.

Risner says 37-year-old Kristopher Larson called his threat to an auto parts warehouse “a joke.” The Sheriff says Larson was arrested Tuesday in White County, then went to Jasper County’s jail held Wednesday on $25,000 bond for criminal charges after confessing to writing a bomb threat on a bathroom stall at the facility.

The Sheriff’s report this week says the incident started with a written bomb threat discovered midday Monday, June 24, 2013 and reported to Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. The threat targetted an Advanced Auto Parts warehouse along US Highway 24 near Remington, Indiana where police responded, including Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies, Jasper County Sheriff’s Detectives and Remington Police.

Sheriff Risner says that Advanced Auto Parts management was evacuating the business’ employees from the facility after the bomb threat was found in an employee restroom written on a bathroom stall stating a bomb was in the facility and to detonate on that day.

He says a search found no explosive devices in the warehouse area, and, “Upon determining the threat to have been a hoax, Jasper County Sheriff’s Detectives started their investigation into the criminal action.”

The investigation involved security video of the restroom area, helping identify Larson as the suspect, who later admitted to detectives, “that he was the person who had placed the bomb threat. Mr. Larson went on to indicate that no explosive device was involved and that this action was done as a joke by him.”

Risner says Larson’s case includes charges for Intimidation and Criminal Mischief, while “Advanced Auto Parts estimated a loss of approximately $50,000.00 in wages due to the evacuation.”


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