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BMV Lowers Costs of Operator’s Licenses

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June 28, 2013 — The Indiana BMV is lowering the cost of Operator’s Licenses, effective immediately.

Commissioner Scott Waddell said Friday morning that the agency became aware of the possibility that the BMV could be overcharging drivers for an operator’s license and reviewed existing law to determine the exact  breakdown of fees that make up the cost of a license.

Waddell said a miscalculation resulted in a $3.50 discrepancy for the six, five and four year standard operator’s licenses.  The charge for a standard six-year operator’s license should be $17.50 instead of $21 and other charges will be reduced accordingly. A standard five-year license should be $16 instead of $19.50 and a four-year license should be $14.50 instead of $18.

The announcement does not mention if any refunds will be issued.  An Indianapolis attorney filed suit against the BMV over the overcharges and he is seeking class action  status.


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