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BMV Finds More Overcharges

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September 30, 2013 — (AP) — The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has found more instances where drivers were overcharged for driver’s licenses.

BMV spokesman Josh Gillespie said Friday afternoon that the agency has not determined the total amount overcharged, but says some drivers will be credited $1 to $3. He says other drivers were undercharged. He says a complicated system in Indiana of determining fees is to blame.

The BMV announced in June it was cutting fees for driver’s licenses after a class-action lawsuit accused the agency of miscalculating those fees. Gillespie says the BMV asked a law firm to review other fees and found the errors. An attorney filed a lawsuit against the BMV which did not receive class action status

BMV Commissioner R. Scott Waddell says the agency will credit affected motorists accounts. Gillespie says it has not yet been determine how undercharges will be handled.


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