BMV Audit Reveals More Overcharges

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February 3, 2015 — About 30 thousand Hoosiers will be getting refunds from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the coming weeks. This is in addition to refunds issued last year.   Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Gretchen Frazee reports on the latest incident in a string of overcharges.


Network Indiana — An outside audit of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles has uncovered nearly two-million dollars in overcharges — the third such overbilling in 18 months.

Governor Pence says an audit begun after the last overcharge discovery last fall has found 30-thousand more overcharges dating back six years, mainly for mobile homes and license reinstatement fees. Those customers will receive refunds over the next two weeks. The state will eat an additional 13-million dollars in undercharges.

Pence says he‘s asked outside auditor BKD to accelerate its review to deliver final results by the end of April. He says it‘s “likely” further errors will be uncovered. He says State Board of Accounts examiners will be embedded at the BMV as internal auditors.

Pence has replaced BMV Commissioner Don Snemis with IDEM Chief of Staff Kent Abernathy, though he says Snemis isn‘t to blame for the problems, but helped uncover them. He blames the overcharges, which now total 52-million dollars, on a “morass” of confusing fees set in place by successive administrations, which he says has ingrained errors into the system.

Pence is asking the legislature to streamline the fee structure.

Snemis will join the Family and Social Services Administration as special counsel.


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