Blood Center Scaledown Reflects Demand

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June 3, 2013 — An Indiana blood supply source says a 24% decrease in blood component demand by hospitals in just one year is causing budget controls, effective immediately.

Non-profit Indiana Blood Center says it is reducing its costs to respond to a changing healthcare environment. It says less revenue from hospitals led to elimination of 45 positions today across its eight locations.

The Center says it is funded by fees it gets from hospitals “to recruit, collect, test, process, label, store and distribute blood, Indiana Blood Center’s operations reflect the blood utilization practices and demand for components from healthcare providers across Indiana.”

In a statement sent to Lakeshore today, Indiana Blood Center says its expense controls include a management salaries freeze, 10% staffing reduction, ending its therapeutic phlebotomy program, streamlining blood mobile operations and closing its Avon donor center. Its statement says, “Staff impacted were notified on Monday. The remaining changes will occur by July 1, 2013, the beginning of the organization’s fiscal year.”

The Center’s annual forecast calls for 150,000 components supplied by Indiana Blood Center to more than 60 Indiana hospitals. Indiana Blood Center says it is the largest independent blood center in Indiana and among the top 20 nationally, having distributed more than 180,000 blood components yearly.

Indiana Blood Center is a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis.


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  1. Kimberlyandbret Robinson says:

    So, what’s causing the drop in demand?

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