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Black Friday Shoppers Hunt for Deals

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November 29, 2013 — This week as several national retailers launched their “Black Friday” holiday bargains on Thanksgiving Day, the Black Friday shopping experience is active on its namesake day.

Shoppers arrived at Southfield Mall’s JCPenney in droves hoping to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Shopper Wendy Howard says, “The crowds.  I parked right outside, and I walked in, and there are tons of people in here, so I started looking at the deals.”

JCPenney store manager Lawrence Eleftheri says, “Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for us.  It’s the one day we can really put on our best show for our customers.”

Every Black Friday Shopper has their mode of attack.  Jenny Gearman says she carries lists, “Some jewelry and a couple other things that I had on my list like boots and P.J.’s and stuff like that.”

According to a survey by Urban Sitter, about a fifth of parents will spend between $200 and $500 per child this Christmas.

Howard is a mother of 3, and she says she would like to stay within her budget, “It would be great but they want those big ticket items.”

Eleftheri says store staff have been working around the clock to make this Black Friday and Christmas special for all visiting families, “We’re staffed right.  We’ve got the floor filled with a lot of gift giving items for our customers.  It’s a really fun and exciting day for us.”


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