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Bill Expands Expungement Law

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March 7, 2014 —       

INDIANAPOLIS – Changes to the expungement law that took effect last year were expanded Thursday under a bill that will now go to the governor.

House Bill 1155 gives applicants for expungement the opportunity to correct the form if they’ve made a mistake. The way the applications are filed and who can see the expunged records, such as law enforcement and court officials, change under the new legislation.

After passing the House the bill went to the Senate, where it was amended.

The Senate agreed with the Supreme Court that the Board of Bar Examiners should be exempt from the expungement process due to a constitutional obligation. The Senate also passed an amendment that would allow for people who went through expungement process to also go through a process to possess firearms.

A provision under the bill would allow an applicant, who was convicted of a domestic violence crime, to possess firearms under the provision.

“The bill makes for good opportunity for people to get their lives back in order,” said Sen. Gregory Taylor, D-Indianapolis.


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