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Ball State Issues Results Of Survey On ACA Acceptance

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A Ball State University study released last week shows more Hoosiers are supporting the Affordable Care Act.  From Indiana Public Radio in Muncie, Payne Horning reports.



Over the two years the telephone survey was conducted, the number of Indiana residents who favor the law increased from 36 percent to 44 percent.

Although Hoosiers remain divided on the federal law overall, author of the study Carolyn Shue says there is wide-spread support for the main components of the bill.

Breaking it down to its components you can see that people really do and consistently support different elements of health care reform.”

Those elements included making coverage affordable… ensuring coverage for everyone… mandating that insurance companies accept pre-existing conditions…. providing coverage for children until age 26… and the individual mandate. Shue says the survey did not focus on some of the more controversial aspects of the law like Medicaid expansion and its related costs.


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