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Auditor Candidate Requests Tax Filing Help For Same-Sex Couples

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March 22, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting —


Democratic candidate for State Auditor Michael Claytor is calling on the Pence administration to help same sex couples file a joint tax return. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

Under new IRS policy, same sex couples can jointly file their federal tax return. But Indiana doesn’t recognize same sex marriage, forcing couples to file state returns separately. Democratic State Auditor candidate Michael Claytor says the state isn’t helping same sex couples either, providing little guidance for the complicated process. Claytor, who has 40 years experience in government accounting and auditing, created a worksheet meant to help same sex couples filing their returns…but he says that can only help so much:

All of our public officials should be supporting equal rights for every individual in the state of Indiana. There is no reason to not only discriminate but to try to make discrimination part of our public policy.”

Lawmakers dealt with this very issue during session when a bill updating the tax code had to be amended so that same sex couples wouldn’t be allowed to file a joint state return. Buck Creek Republican Senator Brandt Hershman says that’s just continuing the long-standing policy:

We couldn’t pass a revenue code update that conflicted with existing state law.”

Hershman says the tax code isn’t the place to debate such a major public policy issue.


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